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THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OF THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE ONLY is meant for responsible adults of legal drinking age.

It is for adults who would like to learn about Bar tending and also about Bar Owners and Owning a bar.

There are also many drink recipes/cocktails to look at as well as a large amount of bar advice.

Advice is just that — only advice and nothing more. So you decide whether it is good advice or not.

Drink Recipes are a part of a bar or bar parties at home — if you bar-tend or own a bar or plan a home party — we have included many recipes on this website.

It is up to you to be responsible while consuming any of these drinks/cocktails or serving any of these mixed drinks/cocktails to others. does not take any responsibility what so ever from any problems or trouble you cause yourself or others after consumption of any of the cocktail recipes you have decided to try from this website.

NEVER drink and drive !!!

This site is for entertainment purposes. We do not advocate the over use or abuse of drinking or over serving cocktails in any way.

This website is intended for mature individuals that want to try different drinks in moderation.

We never condone drinking in excess or any kind of over-use or abuse of any alcoholic drinks. does not take responsibility for abuse of drinking any of the recipes on this website.

You should always drink responsibly and NEVER Drink and Drive.

There are some drink recipes that are super strong and others are mild, however drinking to many of any cocktail will impair your thinking, therefore, please use common sense … BE SMART !!! DO NOT OVER DRINK !!!

Drinking alcoholic Beverages should always be done in moderation — and if you drink — YOU should NOT drive. Simple as that.

If you plan to go out drinking — make sure you have a plan to get home safe and sound. Driving yourself home after consuming mixed drinks is not and never should be an option.

You don’t want to kill yourself or anyone else.

If you have a drinking problem — seek help !!!

Everything on this web site is purely for entertainment.

There are many pages of good advice — and tutorials on several different subjects. Such as how to do inventory etc.

This web site is to try and help bar owners and bartenders learn a little about the bar business.

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